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Here is a range of soft play items like ball pools soft play sets and more new items come very soon.

We have started introducing soft play into the business this year like the new unicorn, princess ball pools. This year, we're thrilled to unveil a world of excitement and joy with our latest additions to the lineup - the enchanting Unicorn and Princess Ball Pools, dynamic Didi Cars, and bouncy Happy Hoppers. Whether you're in Liverpool, Wirral, St Helens, Widnes, or the surrounding areas, get ready to elevate your events and playtime with our incredible soft play offerings!

Minimum order is £50 !!!

Discover the Magic of Soft Play:

Unicorn, Jungle, Mermaids and Princess Ball Pools:

Step into a realm of whimsy as your little ones explore our Unicorn, Jungle, Mermaids and Princess Ball Pools. These captivating soft play areas are designed to transport children into a fairy-tale land where imagination knows no bounds. With vibrant colors, plush textures, and a dash of magic, these spaces are perfect for creating enchanting memories.

Didi Cars:

Rev up the fun with our Didi Cars! These unique, self-propelled ride-ons are guaranteed to add a dash of excitement to any gathering. Watch as kids zip around with glee, developing coordination and motor skills while having a blast. Didi Cars are the perfect addition to birthdays, playdates, and special occasions.

Happy Hoppers:

Bounce into laughter and joy with our Happy Hoppers. These adorable inflatable bouncers provide endless entertainment for energetic youngsters. Safe and enjoyable, Happy Hoppers are a fantastic way for children to burn off energy and stay active while having a hopping good time.

Perfect for Every Occasion:

Whether you're planning a birthday party, a family gathering, or a community event, our soft play equipment is the ideal choice to make any occasion extra special. Our offerings are available for hire in Liverpool, Wirral, St Helens, Widnes, and the surrounding areas, bringing the magic of play directly to your doorstep.

Why Choose KC Bouncy Castles Soft Play?

  1. Wide Service Area:
  2. Proudly serving Liverpool, Wirral, St Helens, Widnes, and surrounding areas. We bring the fun to your location, making it convenient for you to create unforgettable memories.
  3. Variety of Play Options:
  4. From Unicorn and Princess Ball Pools to Didi Cars and Happy Hoppers, we offer a diverse range of soft play options to suit every child's preferences.
  5. Safety First.
  6. Easy Rental Process.
  7. Renting our soft play equipment is a breeze. Contact us, choose your favorites, and let us handle the rest. We ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for all our customers.

At KC Bouncy Castles, we're dedicated to transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Book our soft play equipment today and let the laughter, joy, and magic begin!

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