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Sumo Suits For Hire In Liverpool


Sumo Wrestling

Always wanted to be professional sumo wrestler but didn't make it? Here is a great way to become one and have some fun while you are at it!

Hire a Sumo Wrestling suit right here in Liverpool!

This is a game you and your whole family will enjoy. Suits can be hired for various ages: children 5-11 and adults 12 and older. 

If you are planning a special event, and you want to have lots of fun, then this is the game for you. Try your hand at Sumo Wrestling, be the champion you always knew you could be.

Excellent for parties, weddings, fun in the park, fundays at the beach, school, barbecues, business socials, recreation, therapy sessions etc.

The kit comes with protective gear, padded safety mats with colored circles to score points while playing the game, padded safety helmets, padded neck braces — everything you need to make you look the part and protect you while you are having fun.

How to play the game
After you suit up, the object of the game is to push, shove, or just try your hardest to throw your opponent off balance so you can "splat" him or her as they do in the professional Japanese matches. You can also try to get him or her off balance and knock them out of the circle. Do this three times and you win!

Roll round on the mat with your partner, or if you have more than one set of suits, you can have a big pile on just to add some more colour to your fun. Remember, the object is to enjoy yourself.

Don't miss out on this unique way to have a fun, exciting and memorable day with your loved ones. Just call KC Bouncy Castles, Bouncy Castle Hire Liverpool, place your order for the event you are planning, and have lots of fun!

Kids Sumo Suits £55

Adult Sumo Suits £75

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