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Bouncing Your Way to School Fundraising Success

Fundraising is a part of every parent and educator’s life. If you are part of a PTA organisation or within the school system, you know that each year it becomes more challenging to find cost-effective methods to generate money for school activities or programs. If your organisation is looking to make a great return on its investment and create a great experience, at KC Bouncy Castle Hire, we have some ideas for your next school fundraising event.


Celebrate the Seasons

Spring Fling

Once the weather begins to cooperate, it is always nice to get outdoors. Spring offers an opportunity to bring people together for a treasure/Easter egg hunt. Now you have a captive audience. After the “hunt”, you can offer treats and entertainment for parents and children.

Summer Fair

As the school year ends, a Summer Fair is the best way to raise money. Capitalise on the warm weather by setting up stalls to sell crafts, hold raffles and bring in some fun games and attractions to entertain your community. Since the days are longer, make the event larger by planning a weekend event and double your money.


Harvest Festival

The children return to school and autumn turns, then it is time for the Harvest Festival, collecting gifts of food for those less fortunate. A time for lots of food stalls with bouncy castles and games entertainment for the children to keep them warm.

Later in the year, how about organising a Halloween Parade with a “Best Costume” contest. Sell pumpkins and other autumn goodies.


Winter Festival

As the temperature drops, you can move the fun indoors. Hold a Winter Festival or Christmas Carnival inside the school gymnasium or assembly hall. Set up games and attractions in a large indoor facility and celebrate the holidays. This is a perfect opportunity to sell Christmas crafts and gifts.


Add to the Excitement

All of these school fundraising events take a great deal of time and money to pull together. Since your workforce probably consists mainly of volunteers, you need to be conscious of this and find the best way to maximise your results.


One way you can increase profitability and reduce the time spent planning your school event is to add inflatable attractions to your event. At KC Bouncy Castle Hire, you can reserve everything you need for your event using our online booking system. The system allows you to track your order, keep a log of what items you ordered and keep a tally of the cost for each item. These features help when you are setting up the fair by allowing you to allocate space, resources and prices associated with each venue. Use the “Check the Weather” app on our site up-to-the-minute updates on how the weather will affect your event.


Bouncy castles are fun for people of all ages so don’t limit yourself to just one! Order a variety. You can get castles set up for adults and children in an array of sizes and colours, with or without slides; or choose from an assortment of popular character themes for little children.


Don’t forget to provide food. A fair requires treats for children big and small. Add a popcorn machine and some candy floss to your order and increase the money you raise.


Build excitement by adding more attractions to your location:

?Set up a Sumo wrestling ring or a gladiator duel and let children battle it out safely in protective gear

?Arrange an area for garden games

?Rock out with a disco/moonwalk dome

?Sell sweet treats with candy floss, pick and mix or a slushy

?Create a popcorn stand


All of these options create ancillary revenue streams for your organisation at a low cost to you.


The best part of these attractions, they work indoors or out. We have a selection of indoor bouncy castles and activities to choose from on our website. There are no limits to how you can incorporate bouncy castles into your school fundraising events. Hiring bouncy castles for your school fundraiser also provides a larger margin for profit. Hiring a bouncy castle for £55.00 for the day can net you a good ROI depending on the number of children at the event and the amount you charge for each bouncing session.


Be Creative


You don’t need to have a fair to raise money. If you are having a small event, add a bouncy castle to keep the children entertained. If you are having a dance, add a disco dome. Add a popcorn machine to a movie night.  Think outside the box and add special touches to your event that are also money makers.


Guarantee a Good Time


KC Bouncy Castle Hire ensures that your featured entertainment shows up on time and in working order. Some of the benefits of working with us include our:

Highly Recommended 5 out of 5 stars


Jennie Beechey


I can't praise KC Bouncy Castles highly enough! We were let down by a company called 'crazy castles' who didn't turn up for my Grandsons fourth birthday party yesterday! With just one hours notice KC had a bouncy castle in place and ready for the first child arriving. The children had a great time and we will be telling all our friends to use KC Bouncy Castles in future.


Highly Recommended 5 out of 5 stars


Peter Shaw


This was my first time using KC Bouncy Castles the bouncy castle was in good condition and the staff is very friendly and easy to contact to make a booking. I would recommend KC Bouncy Castles to my family and friends and I will most certainly use them again the kids loved it


?Reputation - Our aim is to provide you with the best service possible. We have been in business for many years and we have a solid reputation and come highly recommended.

?Delivery and setup policies - KC Bouncy Castle Hire is renowned for our prompt delivery and set up. We have a wide array of themed bouncy castles to make your event special.

?Safety inspection certificates - Remember, safety is always first, especially with children. We maintain and clean our inflatables using best practices defined by the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance (BIHA). We will provide our safety inspection certificates, should you require them.

?Safety rules - KC Bouncy Castle Hire belongs to the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance (BIHA), the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) and The Inflatable Play Enterprise (TIPE). We are committed to safety and excellence. We will always provide our customers with the safety information they need.

?Insurance information - While bouncy castles are safe, accidents can happen anywhere. It is critical to know who holds the insurance for the event. KC Bouncy Castle Hire maintains insurance for our business and can assist you in obtaining coverage for your event.

Memories that Last a Lifetime

Creating memorable school events for children and their families is a traditional and proven method for school fundraising. These events bring the community together in an effort to furnish children with a better school experience.

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