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Corporate Bookings 

Blow Up Your Next Company Event

Each year companies brainstorm trying to find ideas for corporate events. Creating memorable experiences for your employees and customers can boost company morale as well as your brand recognition. You may not have considered using bouncy castles before, but at KC Bouncy Castle Hire we can add that extra excitement people will remember to your next corporate event.


Create Camaraderie and Improve Moral


Many HR departments encourage the leaders in their organization to hold team-building events. These events allow employees to work better together by helping them connect. Finding the right activity might seem challenging because the activities need to foster cooperation, solve problems, develop a team dynamic, and cultivate creative and strategic thinking. Furthermore, it needs to be safe and comfortable for everyone.


KC Bouncy Castle Hire has many options for you to create the right environment to build your team. Don’t let the kids have all the fun! These events will allow your employees to shed their work attire for something more comfortable. Provide an atmosphere where adults can break the ice and blow off some steam.


Race to the Finish


Set up a bouncy castle and create a relay event that requires team participation. Encourage teamwork with some just-for-fun three-legged races, potato sack races or egg-on-a-spoon relay races. All of these events require your employees to work together to win the race.


Dance Competition


Hire a moonwalk house and hold a dance competition. Your employees will learn to think on their feet as you compete to see who can stop on a dime once the music ends.


Sumo Wrestling


Turn the ancient martial art of Sumo wrestling into a competition and provide a chance for your employees to release stress and to bounce it out. Individuals can compete for the title of yokozuna, or grand champion. Our kits come with protective gear that offers safety while opponents battle for bragging rights.


Gladiator Duel


Fight to the finish and knock an opponent off the wall this activity will separate the leaders from the followers. Have teams help their mates battle the opponent in our Gladiator duel.


Giving Back


If your company sponsors a charity, most likely you will need to hold fundraisers. One cost effective way to raise money is by hiring KC Bouncy Castle Hire to bring in the entertainment. If your company is looking to generate funds for your charity and create a great experience, we have some ideas for your next fundraising event. 


Our attractions are inexpensive to hire for the day so each activity will increase the amount you raise for your charity. For more fundraising activities, see bouncy castles for schools


Show Your Employees Some Love


Show your employees and their families that you value them by holding an annual appreciation event. Invite all employees and their families to enjoy an outdoor summer picnic. You provide the food and KC Bouncy Castle Hire will offer up the entertainment. Keeping the children occupied while the employees get chance to mingle.


KC Bouncy Castle Hire has all the latest themes that kids love. Also, consider our other inflatables like our Sumo wrestling circle and our gladiator duel. These activities allow children to safely challenge each other.


No fair would be complete without candy floss and popcorn. We have a variety of delicious treats you can order to add to the fun for children of all ages.


Whatever event you are planning for your employees, remember that inflatables will add that extra element of fun making any corporate event distinctive and memorable


Provide Fun for Your Customers


Stand out from the competition by incorporating pure unadulterated joy into your customer facing events. KC Bouncy Castle Hire can help! Our assortment of inflatable activities lends enjoyment to many types of external events.


Stop Giving Away Pens


We’ve all been to trade shows where there is an abundance of cheap-branded giveaways. Don’t just order pens with your logo on it! Save money and be unforgettable by renting a bouncy castle. Reinforce your brand in the customer’s mind with activities that create memories.


Nothing brings the crowds to your booth like a bouncy castle will. Provide a break from the stuffy business environment and let people bounce their stress away. People keep pictures, so use a Polaroid camera to take group pictures and place a sticker with your logo on the bottom.


Other trade show favourites, the Gladiator duel and Sumo wrestling. Invite attendees to engage in some healthy competition and offer prizes to the winner. Additionally, when you have food at your booth, crowds gather. Give away bags of popcorn and discuss your latest offering.


KC Bouncy Castle Hire can help you become the showstopper. Your brand and products will be on people’s minds long after the event.


Lower the Boom on Product Launches


Generate buzz and excitement when you launch your next product or service. Create a campaign that will tie into fun. If you are a tech company releasing new software or opening a new restaurant, hold an event that will captivate your customers and increase sales.


Everyone loves pirates! Create a pirate theme party with our inflatable pirate ship obstacle course. Hold contests to see who has the best time on the course. You can also include games that have people hunting for treasure and walking the plank.


Create an integrated marketing campaign in pirate talk! Argggg matey, your launch will be quite remarkable and successful.


Jump through Hoops for Your Clients


Whether you are holding an informational session or a party for your clients, KC Bouncy Castle Hire can help you show your clients a good time. Forget the PowerPoint slides; make your point and build customer loyalty with a fun activity. 


Bouncy castles can provide relief from days filled with information overload. Hire a moonwalk dome and let your customers dance the night away. Physical activity will help improve your customers attention and allow them retain the material you are presenting.


Corporate events need to be interesting for all audiences. Look at your events in a completely new way and book your event online today at https://www.kcbouncycastlehire.co.uk/pages/corporate-bookings.php.


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