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Adult Sumo Suits

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Amazing service, will definitely be using again, took a while to arrive but made up for it by collecting bouncy castle after 9pm, kids were made up
Fantastic service and very efficient. We hired the Haunted house bouncy castle this was amazing the children loved it , would definitely hire this again and recommend this company for any future bookings!! Sara Sunday 31st October 2021
Absolutely brilliant 100% reliable definitely recommend
Emma Kelly
Amazing as always . On time and will go the extra mile to be as helpful as possible x Use them every time and they never fail x
Emma Turnbull
Very good, late drop off and late pick up. Made the kids very happy! Thank you
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Product Description

Adult Sumo Suits For Hire In Liverpool

For some reason, adults find it a lot of fun to engage in physical activities that involve some form of combat or show of strength. It’s no wonder why mixed martial arts have become all the craze over the past decade -- it even became an official sport and has gotten thousands of fans from all over the world. Before that, we’ve seen other forms such as boxing and other traditional ones, including sumo wrestling.

Sumo wrestling stands out from the rest because it requires its players to be of a certain weight. Each wrestler has gone through a lifetime of precise diet standards and fitness regimes. For this reason, sumo wrestling is unique -- not just anybody can hop onboard and become a sumo wrestler. You have to admit that it is tempting to want to be one, though, even for just a few moments.

If you feel this way, then we’ve got grand news for you: we are offering Adult Sumo Suits as part of our service! Make no mistake, putting these on doesn’t magically transform you into the legendary athletes of Japan -- but they’ll get you close enough. Now, you can turn on the rage and go berserk inside the sumo ring while wearing safe, padded suits.

Sumo suits are fun because they’re different and amusing to watch. Your guests will surely have a laugh witnessing the sumo matches amongst friends. This makes them great for parties and occasions of all kinds. Have one at your birthday party. But the great thing about these is that you can take them anywhere -- why not have them at your wedding reception, bachelor party, or even graduation party? Whatever the occasion, people will appreciate watching two grown persons try to take it out on each other while wearing bulky sumo suits.

If you’re up for it, you can even organize your own mini-tournament, just for fun. The goal of the game is to take your opponent outside the ring while wearing these suits - push them, tackle them, shove them, whatever works. By being thrown off the ring three times, you lose -- and the next match begins. Find out who the ultimate fake sumo wrestling champ is amongst your friends or family!

In fact, this makes for a great activity to include in corporate getaways and team building events. See your employees get de-stressed from the burdens of work and let loose inside the ring. They will feel happier and better after engaging in a game or two. Plus, it’ll increase everyone’s morale and teamwork!

There are many benefits to renting out these amazing sumo suits. Who said only children can play and have fun? Participating in these games will also give you memories that can last a lifetime. After all, not all parties you will attend are going to have this kind of entertainment.


For more information on sumo suits or booking, feel free to give us a ring, send us a message, or head over to our Contact Us page. We’ll respond as soon as we can -- and we’ll meet you at your next social event!