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Booked a bouncy slide for my son's christening! Great service and communication throughout. Delivered at the time stated. Kept the children happy throughout the day. Would Definitely recommend and will use again! Many Thanks!
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Garden Games Boules 

It’s nice to have some outdoor fun every once in a while. We can all take a break from our smartphones, tablets, and computers and get back to actual, physical play. This proves to be even more important for homes with children. There are tons of opportunity to participate in these kinds of activities, whether there’s an occasion or not.

Playing Boules

We have a whole catalog of garden games available for you and your family. One of our top recommendations is Boules. If you haven’t heard of it, then you’re missing out on so much fun. The game hails from France (although some claim that its roots come from Italy). The game features special balls, which are used to play a whole variety of games. The main goal of the game is to throw or roll the balls to the target. The closer you get, the better your chances are of winning.

The game is straightforward and simple. It can be enjoyed by everyone - young and old. Parents can take this opportunity to bond with their kids and break away from their daily routine. If you’re having a party or event, this will be a great ice breaker as well. Kids will love it, too. It can be a great way to introduce the benefits of physical exercise to your young ones.

If played with guests and friends, you can even create teams to play against each other. Assemble sides and fight for the coveted Boules Championship trophy (or whichever prize you prefer to have). Once the kids are asleep, you can play this game while enjoying a few drinks with friends - it will be even more fun then! Whether you find yourself playing on the field, watching excitedly, or cheering for your best bet, you are going to have loads of fun.

What You Need

The game is not complicated, which means there aren’t a lot of preparations to worry about. The main thing is to play it in an open and spacious area, because it involves lots of throwing and running around. If you order from us, we will provide everything for you. Just tell us where to set it up, and we’ll get it ready for action in no time. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy a game of Boules.

Where to Play It

This game can be played whenever, wherever. Many enjoy playing it as a form of intermission during events. In fact, many companies and offices use this game during corporate events and team building exercises. Colleagues and bosses definitely have a ball with this one, so to speak, leaving the stresses of work behind. This can benefit everyone by getting to know each other better, learning to play as a team, and reintroducing employees to the value of physical activity and relaxation.

Birthday parties, wedding receptions, family reunions - you name it. All sorts of celebrations can benefit from this fun game. And you can experience it, too, for the small price of £15!

What are you waiting for? Book your own Boules game today. Feel free to contact us for more information.