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Gill Benoni
Brilliant, friendly service. Helpful advice on what castle would fit. Clean, easy to book.
Excellent service, easy to use website to book online, email updates in run up to hire date. Friendly delivery guys. Would use again & highly recommended.
Ryan Delaney
Brilliant service we booked a peppa pig bounce castle for my daughters 2nd birthday on 1st September 2018 and the lads who dropped it off and picked it up would do anything for you. Brilliant service got a minions one book for 11/1/2020 for my sons 6th birthday he's going to love it. 5***** all the way
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Product Description

Garden Games Quoits

Quoits can be a lot of fun. Have you ever tried playing it before? If you haven’t, you better try it soon. This is a new way to bring in friendly competition and worry-free entertainment to your event. No matter what the occasion is, you will surely liven up the party.

All forms of celebrations can benefit from this game, you name it: birthdays, weddings, reunions, graduations, and even christenings. In fact, it isn’t just private parties that can take advantage of quoits, corporate getaways and team building events can use this as one of their activities for the whole office, too. By engaging in activities that are both mentally and physically challenging, employees are able to leave the stresses of work behind and get a chance to unwind even for just a day.

Playing Quoits

Quoits has been around for quite a while, and many people play it during parties. The game is pretty simple. The goal is to be able to shoot the rings into the upright pegs. If you can’t get them in, throwing them as close as possible to the pegs is the next option. Whoever gets the most rings in, or gets the pegs the closest, wins the game. It requires accuracy and focus. Having steady hands and a good sense of direction won’t hurt, either.

This can be played as a two-player game, or you can create teams to compete against each other. This makes it great for family reunions, where one family can play against another. If you’re really competitive, you can even have prizes or trophies as rewards to those who win. Will you emerge as the ultimate Quoits Champion?

The good thing is that this is a perfectly safe and family-friendly game. Players of all ages can participate, and you don’t have to worry about your kids. By having this in your repertoire, you can ensure that your celebration is as exciting and lively as you want it to be.

Hiring the Game

You don’t need extra special preparations to have this game at your event. Simply provide us with a wide and open space. We’ll take care of setting it all up. We’ll also drop it off at your location and pick it up once you are done. All you need to worry about is how to beat your guests at the game.

It only costs £15 to hire the game for a whole day. You can get our Quoits game together with a bouncy castle of your choice. Alternatively, you can opt for our other packages (a minimum of three individual games). Either way, you can be assured that your party will be fun and entertaining.

Feel free to check out our other offerings, from more games to bouncy castles. If you have concerns and questions, give us a call or send us an email. We have a useful FAQ page which can instantly answer your queries. You can also head over to our Contact Us page for further assistance.